Founded in 2002, being the pioneer that brought EU standard modern uPVC door products to Vietnam market, Eurowindow made a revolution in doors and windows and opened a “New area” for Vietnamese houses.

From the thought that the doors are just for preventing from the rain and the sun, Eurowindow has brought a new concept of “soundproof – heatproof doors” to create high quality living spaces for users From uPVC door products, Eurowindow has developed more product lines to meet users’ varied demand such as: aluminum doors and curtain wall system, timber doors, fire-rated timber doors, automatic doors, rolling doors, hydraulic doors, tempered glass, heat strengthened glass, laminated glass, double glazing, decorative glass, wood floor and furniture, etc.

Applied modern technology, Eurowindow door products are made of uPVC/ aluminum/ wood profile bars combined with double gaskets, glass boxes and metal accessories synchronously so that they can be opened, closed multidimensionally, anti-noise and power saving.

Not only integrating many functions to ultimately satisfy customers’ demand, Eurowindow’s products also meet the criteria of environmental friendliness, energy saving and in line with the trend of green building development in Vietnam as well as in the world. During the process of formation and development, Eurowindow is always dynamic, sensitive to the market and considering sustainable development strategy as the “guideline” for all production and business activities.

Entering the new decade, Eurowindow has been undergoing a strong transformation through repositioning, changing the brand identity to make a different mark as well as convey the new development direction of the company.

The new logo representing solid doorways and houses with lasting power demonstrates Eurowindow’s steadfast development direction. The constantly moving pioneering flag icon implies that Eurowindow is always ready to move forward and flexibly have continual changes to follow the development trend of the times.

The new slogan “PIONEER. ENGINEER. ENGAGE.” sends meaningful messages on the journey of transformation, builds a new Eurowindow image, brings different experiences to consumers and creates sustainable values for society.

PIONEER to apply new technologies, maintaining the spirit of exploration, affirming the bravery of the leader, from success with the modern uPVC door product, Eurowindow continues to bring other complete building material solutions, leading the demand and creating new consumer trends in the market. 4 Catalogue Eurowindow branded products have been and will contribute to ENGINEER spacious appearance for hundreds of thousands of projects across the country, from apartment buildings, villas, offices, governmental head offices, bank buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals… to key national projects such as: National Assembly Building, Government Buildings, international airports .. . Keeping innovating, bringing smart design solutions, improving aesthetics, safety, cost optimization and bringing high efficiency to projects, that’s how Eurowindow builds its position in the hearts of consumers.

ENGAGE customers from consultancy, design to construction, maintenance service, product warranty, Eurowindow is consistent with the goal of providing the best solutions so that each project is pride of the householder/ investor. For partners, Eurowindow accompanies in the spirit of mutual support, cooperation to increase long-term value. At the same time, Eurowindow is committed to always guarantee the interests of the company’s shareholders and employees, maintaining the implementation of social responsibility, joining hands with the community to promote the prosperous development of the country. Currently, Eurowindow has established a distribution network throughout the provinces and cities nationwide with 1 head office, 2 branches, 5 factories, nearly 40 showrooms and hundreds of agents, distributors and representative offices in Myanmar.

The development both in width and depth and pioneering in technology help Eurowindow in all cases be ready to satisfy large orders with fast production progress. Nearly 5000 Eurowindow employees including domestic and foreign experts, technicians, engineers, skilled workers who are well trained, have high professional qualifications, professional working style, always bring the highest satisfaction to customers. With achievements in production and business activities, Eurowindow was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal, the Second Class Labor Medal by the State President, and the Emulation Flag and Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister.

Eurowindow products and brand have been recognized as the National Brand for many years, won the Vietnam Gold Quality Award from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Top 10 enterprises that won the Golden Star Award of the Vietnamese Young Entrepreneurs’ Association, Top 10 famous national brands, Golden Dragon Award, Vietnamese High Quality Goods and recognized in the Top 100 best workplaces in Vietnam, and many other prestigious awards.

Factory No. 4 located at Block 49, Quang Minh Industrial Park, Me Linh, Ha Noi, Vietnam